Eat it 'til you choke, you sick, twisted fuck!

Paul Sheldon

I like your roof. It's good that its upstairs.

Alex Fletcher

Some people carry a rabbit's foot, I like to rock a pocket of puke.

Robert 'Fish' Fishman

Sean Parker: One suggestion: Get rid of the "the". Just *Facebook*. Flows better.

[Showing lighter to cavemen] Hey guys? Quest for fire, over.


Girl: But James, I need you!
Bond: So does England!

[to the Terminator] This severe routine is getting old. You're acting like such a geek.

John Connor

Hey Boys, Is that anyway to treat a lady?


If you're here, who's singing in Times Square?


Come on, Steve. We've got a diem to carpe!

Flint Lockwood

If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.

Patches O'Houlihan

Nice catch, Hayes. Don't ever fuckin' do it again.

Lou Brown

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