MacMillan: You can't see this on a marketing report.
Josh: Um, what's a marketing report?
MacMillan: Exactly.

Drug dealers of the world, unite!

Franz Sanchez

I want you outta here instamatically.


"Follow the Yellowbrick Road"


We are worth more to them undamaged. Their greed... will be their downfall.

Capt. Jack Aubrey

You will never be one of the people.


Frank: I just wanna tell you guys thanks for being here. Best day ever.
Beanie: Frank, you need to walk away from this right now.

Andy: I saw Dad.
Tammy: Dad? Where?
Andy: Tam, he's one of them.

She can't do that! Shoot her or something!

Nute Gunray

Dave: You ball your socks, you floss, and you don't hide booze in the toilet tank.
Dave: [pauses] You live like a Mormon.

Norbit! Why you run like little bitch?

Mr. Wong

All it does is take one bite...


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