I had the best gunner in the entire United Army in S.E. Now I have you.


Great. I'm blind and you're deaf. What a perfect pair.


Teacher: Everyone, please take your seats. You heard the bell. You know what it means. Last week, the assignment was to write an essay about your family. Who they...
Teacher: [class: "Are!"] And what they...
Teacher: [class: "Mean to us!"] Excellent droning.

Excuse me.
[makes out with Danielle]


What a fine detective. You found the breadcrumbs right to us.

Silken Floss

Sorry I'm late. I was taking a crap.

Henry Gondorff

Jeff Spicoli: No shirt, no shoes...
Stoner Friend: No dice! Ohhhh.
Brad Hamilton: Right. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
Jeff Spicoli: He's the full hot orator.

Bagheera: Now, while you create a disturbance, I'll rescue Mowgli. Got that?
Baloo: [dancing away] I'm gone, man. Solid gone.
Bagheera: Not yet, Baloo!

Lucy: If I tell?
Fanny: I can assure you, I'm as silent as the grave.

Steve Rogers: But if you put the hammer in an elevator?
Tony Stark: It'll still go up.
Steve Rogers: Elevators not worthy.

You know what Gus, I feel like breaking your broken legs!

Tony Manero

Stay scared.

Mike Enslin

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