It feels like I got cat piss in my eyes.

Jackie Moon

I fuck bitches. You're a homo.

Frankie Ballenbacher

Great! You woke the baby!

Ahsoka Tano

Dr. Hollins: How are you doing?
Edward Cole: Dumb question.


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Margo: Everything's uglier up close.
Quentin Jacobsen: Not you.

[to his ex] Fuck you, Janeane, go home!

Jimmy Smith Jr



I loves the Pamela Andersons.


Sherif Ali: God help the men that lie under that. T.E. Lawrence: They are Turks. Sherif Ali: God help them.

You got the right to be bitch-slapped.


Tony Mendez: We are responsible for these people.
Jack O'Donnell: What we are is required to follow orders.

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