Ya see, me and the Lord have an understanding.


I never said I was a golden god... did I?

Russell Hammond

Frank Falenczyk: Are you pregnant?
Laurel Pearson: No! Unless you put something in my egg-roll. And then put the egg-roll in my...

[to Rosemary] We both have dead people in our families.

Max Fischer

They might as well call it whitejack!


So, how's my butt?

Sam Baldwin

Young Dr. Evil: Would it kill you to put on some clothes? Honestly it's like living with frickin Sasquatch.
Young Austin Powers: Hey, have you seen my Balzac?
Young Dr. Evil: I'm looking at your Balzac right now.

Devil hands have been busy...

John Connor

This feud is stupid, selfish, and it affects a lot of people!


Sir Alexander Dane: You're just going to have to figure out what it wants. What is its motivation?
Jason Nesmith: It's a rock monster. It doesn't have motivation.
Sir Alexander Dane: See, that's your problem, Jason. You were never serious about the craft.

Lando: Having trouble with your droid?
Han Solo: No, no problem. Why?

Vacation's when you go somewhere... and you don't ever come back.

Mrs. Gump

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