See, she's making me my dinner!

Lenny Savage

Get ready to feel the thunda!


Wesley: Are we gonna "bond," now?
Fox: Would you like to?

For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know.


You know you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy.

Mike Lowrey

I almost got head from Amelia Earhart!

Al Czervik

It's alright, gentlemen. I'm familiar with these two young ladies. Well, not "familiar", familiar, obviously.

Henry Kissinger

He isn't my gift to you, he's your son.

Della Bea Robinson

I look like a nerdy hillbilly!

Stu Price

Follow your heart and don't question it, no matter where it tells you to go... It will open up a world of experiences you can't even imagine.


[after hearing that his wife's been cheating on him] I couldn't hear you. There was a crack in the planet. WOW... that was noisy!

John Clasky

I wanna make Iron Man look like an antique.

Justin Hammer

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