It's not about the money - It's about the game.

Gordon Gekko

Earl the Plumber: I been fixing the plumbing in here for ten years. I ain't never had to wear no damn tie before.
Bill Dodge: Well you're a VIP today, Earl, so just shut up.

Spidey, love the new outfit. Give me some of that web action.

Eddie Brock

We Think he will be completely paralyzed. But he'll live.

Bess McNeill

I look like somebody hit me in the face with Lil Wayne.


Well why don't you give me your number in case anything happens to my wife.


It's like a muscle...we're getting stronger.

Matt Garetty

Fight back you, coward!

Harry Potter

American guest: Do you actually know Oscar Wilde?
Gareth: Not personally no. But I do know someone who could get you his fax number. Shall we dance?

Hmmm, what is that haunting aroma.

Phil Weston

Alice, that cake could feed fifty. You guys don't even eat.


Jake La Motta: She says he's pretty.
Joey LaMotta: Yeah, well, you make him ugly.

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