Nobu: There is nothing I want more, Sayuri, than to become your danna.
Sayuri Nitta: I already owe you far too much.
[turns away]
Nobu: I will not be refused.
Sayuri Nitta: Please.
Nobu: We are tied to each other. I know you feel it too.
Sayuri Nitta: I never meant to mislead you.
Nobu: [Grabs Sayuri] Sayuri, I do not like things held up before me that I cannot have...

[upon meeting Hooper] My husband tells me you're in sharks.

Ellen Brody

Trench: What are you gonna do?
Barney Ross: [furious] Reload.

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Let this remind you why you once feared the dark.

Prince Nuada

Mad respect for not giving respect. I feel you.


Like Pearl Harbor... never again!

Don Ready

Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: I don't need a doctor, damnit, I am a doctor.
Flight Officer: You need to get back to your seat.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: I had one. In the bathroom with no windows.

Ace: Your request is not unlike your lower intestine: stinky and loaded with danger.

This Thing attacks its prey, copies it perfectly and then hides inside it.

Kate Lloyd

Micky Rosa: What's the count?
Choi: Uh, plus nine?
Micky Rosa: You're just saying that because Jill did.

I looked at the clock... because I was saying to myself... It's five to seven, where could he be going with that sawed off shotgun?


Let's "Encyclopedia Brown" this shit.

Mike Enslin

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