Barbara: I don't get it, I mean where all the other dead people in the world?
Adam: Maybe this is heaven.
Barbara: In heaven there wouldn't be dust everywhere.

Barbara: We're very unhappy.
Juno: What did you expect? You're dead.

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Barbara Maitland

Adam and Barbra Maitland

Barbara Maitland is the young wife of Adam Maitland.  On their way back from the hardware store, the two get into a tragic car crash taking both their lives.  After they discover their death, the two find out their home has already been sold and the Deetzes are moving in.

At first, the couple is unwilling to let their home go.  They hire bio-exorcist Beetlejuice to help remove the Deetzes from their home.  Then, of course, they meet their sweet daughter, Lydia.

Played By
Geena Davis
Full Name
Barbara Maitland