Bitsey Bloom: You know you are in the bible belt when there are more churches than Starbucks.
Zack: When there are more prisons than Starbucks.

David Gale: How do we start?
Bitsey Bloom: We start with... you telling me what I'm doing here.
David Gale: No one who looks through that glass sees a person. They see a crime. I'm not David Gale. I'm a murderer and a rapist... four days shy of his execution.

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Bitsey Bloom

Bitsey Bloom Picture

Bitsey Bloom is a highly respected journalist at a fictitious major news magazine.  She is granted the exclusive interview by David Gale just four days before his execution.  Bloom goes on her own personal mission to prove Gale innocent before his execution.

Played By
Kate Winslet
Full Name
Bitsey Bloom