Allison: Are you stalking me?
Carl Allen: No, i would never do that.
Carl Allen: Oh by the way, the new furniture looks great from the yard.

I do want to take guitar lessons. I do want to learn how to fly. Yes, I would like to learn Korean.

Terrence Bundley: What was that you said?
Carl Allen: No.
[gets hit in the head by Terrence with his mic]
Carl Allen: Yes?

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Carl Allen

Carl Allen Picture

In Yes Man, Carl Allen challenges himself to say "yes" to every question posed to him for one whole year. The character is based on a book by Danny Wallace from July 2005, in which the author describes how he spent six months "saying yes where once would have said no." The goal? To make his life more interesting and positive.

Played By
Jim Carrey
Full Name
Carl Allen