They laughed at Louie Armstrong when he said he was going to the moon, and now he's laughing at them from up there.

Mind-bottling. Like your mind is trapped in a bottle.

My victory in Boston was as sweet as the cream pie from the city it's named after.

I am never satisfied... it is a curse!

You put the bone in Zamboni.

Chazz Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy *are* figure skating. Boom!

Chazz: This ends TONIGHT!
Jimmy: It's daytime, you douche!

It makes my hair shine like the Belt of Orion.

Jimmy: I call top bunk!
Chazz: No, I already did.
Jimmy: No you didn't.
Chazz: Yes I did. In my mind.

Jimmy: I see you got fat!
Chazz: I see you still look like a 15-year-old girl but not hot.

Jimmy: THAT was disgusting.
Chazz: THAT, young man, is how babies are made.

Jimmy: Get out of my face!
Chazz: I'll get inside your face!

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Chazz Michael Michaels

Chazz Michael Michaels Picture

Chazz Michael Michaels was a professional men's singles skater until he was banned from the sport when he got into a fist fight with rival Jimmy MacElroy.  After wasting his life away skating in the kids show, Grublets on Ice, Chazz is given a second chance at ice skating if he competes in doubles.

Played By
Will Ferrell
Full Name
Chazz Michael Michaels