Chenille: I saw you workin' it out there tonight, girl!
Sara: Oh, yeah... slammin'!
Chenille: Ah-huh! Later!

That's how easy it is to give to charity around here. Don't put your shit on the floor.


Snookie: I'm free Saturday night.
Chenille: Why, is your hand busy?

Sara: Asshole.
Chenille: Who? Because in this crowd you're going to have to be a bit more specific.

Chenille: You need to take off that 5th grade dance lookin' top.
Sara: Its from The Gap!
Chenille: Its country and you look country in it!

You can't help who you love, Derek, you're not supposed to.

Too many little boys thinkin' they thugs.

They call him Snooky because Fool was taken.

Sara: There's only one world, Chenille.
Chenille: That's what they teach you. We know different.

Chenille: And this is Diggy. She thinks she's down.
Diggy: Excuse me? I am down, okay?

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