You have ten seconds to tell us what your doing bringing COPS to Old Town!

Dwight: This clown's out of control. I followed him here to make sure he didn't hurt any of the girls.
Gail: Us helpless little girls.

Gail: Those boys in that Chrysler are one mistake away from seeing what Miho can do, and she' been aching for some practice.
Dwight: She guides my glance upwards to the pixie person on the roof's edge. Deadly little Miho.

Dwight: He's got the drop on her!
Gail: He's got squat! He's dead. He's just too damn dumb to know it.

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Gail licks her lips

Gail is the leader of the prostitutes that control their own section of Basin City in the movie Sin City.  Gail is one deadly chick and have a previous relationship with Dwight.

Played By
Rosario Dawson
Full Name