Harry Zimm: I said I'd think about it. In this town, what does that mean? Nothing!
Chili Palmer: Well, that's the difference between you and me, Harry. I say what I mean. I want Martin Weir? I go out and get Martin Weir. I don't fuck around with this bullshit with the trainer's shrink.

Chili Palmer: Harry Zimm.
Harry Zimm: Jesus Christ!
Chili Palmer: How you doing? I'm Chili Palmer.
Harry Zimm: Jesus, if I have a heart attack, I hope you know what to do.

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Harry Zimm

Harry Zimm Picture

Harry Zimm has been making low budget horror flicks in Hollywood for awhile now. However, thanks to Chili Palmer he's about to make a major movie starring big time actor Martin Weir.

Played By
Gene Hackman
Full Name
Harry Zimm