John Hartigan: Roark! Give it up. Let the girl go.
Roark Jr.: [holding a young Nancy] You can't do a goddamn thing to me Hartigan. You know who I am. You know who my father is! You can't touch me, you piece of shit cop! Look at you, you can't even lift that cannon you carry!
John Hartigan: [pause] Sure I can.
[shoots Junior]

John Hartigan: ...Get some sleep.
Nancy Callahan: Sleep with me.
John Hartigan: No, Nancy!

John Hartigan: I'm looking for Nancy Callahan.
Shellie: Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She's just warming up.

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Hartigan and Nancy

Hartigan is the last good cop in Basin City in the movie Sin City.  He's the only cop willing to stop the corrupt Senator's Roarke's kid from raping young children.  He ends up in jail after shooting Roark Junior has he's about to rape Nancy.

Hartigan is released 8 years later and goes to check up on the girl he saved.  He ends up leading Roark Junior to Nancy and getting her kidnapped yet again.  This time Hartigan needs to finish the job.

Played By
Bruce Willis
Full Name