King Henry VIII: [talking in secret] Your sister is gone as you wished. Will you give yourself to me now?
Anne Boleyn: No. When you are loyal to me above all others.
King Henry VIII: But I am.
Anne Boleyn: No. You are loyal to the queen above all others.
King Henry VIII: I bearly see Catherine.
Anne Boleyn: But she sits on a throne beside you. Your right hand in matters of state.
King Henry VIII: For appearances-sake only.
Anne Boleyn: Still, she is your queen. And ever present.
Anne Boleyn: I feel her eyes on me. And those of her spies. Look at us. Forever reduced to meeting in secret like this. Speaking in whispers. Hardly condusive to passion.
King Henry VIII: What you have me do then?

May God have mercy on Anne's soul.

King Henry VIII

[to Anne] I have torn this country apart for YOU!

King Henry VIII

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Henry Tudor

Henry Tudor Photo

Henry Tudor is a real-life individual. He's also known as Henry VIII. In the The Other Boleyn Girl, the king has a pair of lovers, and sisters, from which he must choose. And someone, anyone, please give him a son!

Played By
Eric Bana
Full Name
Henry Tudor