We don't work with people we don't know. And you don't work when your desperate. Walter Dietrich. Remember that? Walter forgot, when your desperate, that's when you got no choice.

I was raised on a farm in Morrisville, Indiana. My mama ran out on us when I was three, my daddy beat the hell out of me cause he didn't know no better way to raise me. I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you... what else you need to know?

You wanna know if we're armed? We're armed.

We're having too good a time today. We ain't thinking about tomorrow.

Melvin Purvis: What keeps you up nights, Mr. Dillinger?
John Dillinger: Coffee.

Billie Frechette: What do you want?
John Dillinger: Everything. Right now.

Melvin Purvis: The only way you're walking out of this jail cell is when we take you out to execute you.
John Dillinger: Well, we'll see about that.

John Dillinger: [nodding at money on a table] That's your money, mister?
Bank Teller: [nervously] Yes.
John Dillinger: We're here for the bank's money, not yours. Put it away.

There is absolutely nothing I want to do in Indiana.

They ain't tough enough, smart enough or fast enough. I can hit any bank I want, any time. They got to be at every bank, all the time.

I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars... and you. What else you need to know?

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John Dillinger

John Dillinger Picture

John Dillinger was a notorious criminal in the 1920s and 1930s. Some considered him similar to Robin Hood in terms of his intentions, but the FBI grew into the force it is today via its efforts to bring Dillinger down.

Played By
Johnny Depp
Full Name
John Dillinger