Xerxes: Imagine what horrible fate awaits my enemies when I would gladly kill any of my own men for victory.
Leonidas: And I would die for any one of mine.

Xerxes: It would be nothing short of madness for you, brave King, and your valiant troops to...perish...all because of a simple misunderstanding. There is much our cultures could share.
Leonidas: Have you noticed? We've been sharing our culture with you all morning.

There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Sparta from the histories. Every piece of Greek parchment shall be burned. Every Greek historian and every scribe shall have their eyes put out and their tongues cut from their mouths. Uttering the name of Sparta or Leonidas will be punishable by death. The world will never know you existed at all.

Cruel Leonidas demanded that you stand. I require only that you kneel.

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King Xerxes

King Xerxes  Picture

King Xerxes was son of Darius the Great of Persia and Atossa, the daughter of Cyrus the Great. After his accession in October 485 BC, he suppressed the revolts in Egypt and Babylon that had broken out the year before and appointed his brother Achaemenes as governor or satrap over Egypt.

Played By
Rodrigo Santoro
Full Name
King Xerxes