You're the only man I ever loved.

Nancy Callahan: Looks like trouble.
Marv: Looks like Christmas.

John Hartigan: ...Get some sleep.
Nancy Callahan: Sleep with me.
John Hartigan: No, Nancy!

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Nancy Callahan

Nancy Callahan Picture

Nancy Callahan was about to be another one of serial rapist Roark Junior's victims.  That is until, the one non-corrupt cop in Sin City, Hartigan came to her rescue.  Since Roark Junior's father happens to be Senator Roark, it's unfortunately Hartigan who goes to jail.

8 Years later, when Hartigan is released from jail, Nancy is all grown up and in love with her hero.  Grown up Nancy is beautiful and works as a dancer at a local dive bar.

Played By
Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis
Full Name
Nancy Callahan