We're close enough to the curb now. We're right on it.

Norah: This is amazing! You are literally like my musical soul mate.
Nick: Maybe I'll take this for a bit and you can just focus on driving.
Norah: What? You don't like my sweet grooves?

Also that mix CD...uh that I left on your doorstep was the last one that I'll be making for you. More or less...

Why would you buy these pants?

I never wash my pants. I like to keep the night on them.

Drunk Guy in Yugo: Are you off duty?
Nick: This isn't a cab.
Drunk Guy in Yugo: Are you off duty?
Nick: It's not a cab, my friend, I promise you.

[about the concert]
Norah: Are you sorry we missed it?
Nick: No. This is it.
[they kiss]

Nick: You two must be great friends.
Norah: Yeah, I'm a great friend. It's always been like this. I'm the squire in Caroline's never-ending quest for attention.

Thom: Would someone mind telling me where we're going?
Norah: You know how some people like to eat at the same places?
Nick: Yeah.
Norah: Well Caroline likes to puke in the same places.

You don't have to yell. It's not a train station. We're in a tiny car.

[leaving a message on his girlfriend's phone] I think we both said some things we didn't mean, like...when you broke up with me...on my b-day.

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Nick O'Leary


Nick O'Leary is member of the band The Jerk Offs. After getting dumped by his girlfriend - on his birthday, no less - Nick isn't very happy. But things take a turn for the better when he meets Norah.

Played By
Michael Cera
Full Name
Nick O'Leary