Nika Boronina: What colour underwear am I wearing?
Agent 47: You're not wearing any underwear.

Agent 47: Because that suitcase perfectly holds my Blazer Sniper Rifle, two .45s and a gag for irritating, talkative little girls like yourself. You want me to stop and get it out?
Nika Boronina: I don't know - you think we have time for foreplay?

Agent 47: Nika
Nika Boronina: Yes?
Agent 47: Stop talking or i'll put you back in the trunk.

Nika Boronina: The woman, two tables behind you - what's she wearing?
Agent 47: The one with the red hair and the silk dress - facing you?
Nika Boronina: Yeah.
Agent 47: That's not a woman.
[we see the "woman" behind him is obviously a transvestite. Nika smiles]

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Nika Boronina

Agent 47 and Nika

Agent 47 is told that Nika Boronina is just a random woman that witnesses him assasinating the Russian president.  However, Agent 47 soon discovers that she's never even seen him before and decides not to kill her.  From there he needs to find out who's trying to kill her.

Played By
Olga Kurylenko
Full Name
Nika Boronina