Pitka: I would like to thank the academy. Wow, these things are heavy... yeah.
Coach Cherkov: Put me down, Jackass!

Pitka: How do you do? Shrimp?
Coach Cherkov: What did you call me?
Pitka: I'm sorry I didn't catch your gnome. NAME! You are a midget.

Give me a pound. Lock it down. Break the pickle, tickle tickle.

My time to shine.

Pitka: I am his holyness, the Guru Pitka. My goal is to say: Gee, You are You... TM.

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Pitka Picture

Pitka is the main character in The Love Guru. He's, well, a love guru that is summoned to help a star hockey player refocus on his game by conquering the world of love.

Played By
Mike Myers
Full Name