We die and the world will be poorer for it.

Prince Nuada: [to Hellboy] That's your weapon of choice?
Hellboy: [flexing his stone hand] Five fingered Mary!

Prince Nuada: You have more in common with us than them, demon.
Hellboy: Excuse me?

I will call upon the help of all the children of the earth! The good... the bad... and the worst.

Prince Nuada: I will kill anyone if that is necessary.
Hellboy: Why don't you just start with me?

Let this remind you why you once feared the dark.

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Prince Nuada

Prince Nuada Picture

Prince Nuada is the main nemsis in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. This rebellious creature wants to start a rebellion against humanity, making him the ideal foil for Hellboy and his Golden Army.

Played By
Luke Goss
Full Name
Prince Nuada