Ray: What are they doing over there? They're filming something. They're filming midgets!
Ken: Ray...
[Ray runs off and watches Jimmy being instructed by the director, who Jimmy flicks off as soon as he leaves]
Ken: Ray, come on. Let's go.
Ray: My ass let's go. They're filming midgets.

You're a bunch of fuckin' elephants!

Maybe that's what hell is, an entire eternity spent in Bruges.

Harry: Number One, why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be. Number Two, why doesn't this hotel have fucking phones with fucking voicemail on them and not have to leave messages with the fucking receptionist? Number Three you better fucking be in tomorrow night when I fucking call again or there'll be fucking Hell to pay. I'm fucking telling you.
Ray: Jeez, he swears a lot, doesn't he?

Two weeks, in fuckin Bruge. With you? No way.

Priest: What did you do Raymond?
Ray: Murder, father.
Priest: Why did you murder, Raymond?
Ray: For money.
Priest: You murdered for money?
Ray: Yes, father.
Priest: Who did you murder for money, Raymond?
Ray: You, father.

They're filming midgets!

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In Bruges Photo

Ray is a morose and withdrawn killer. He can't get over the fact that a botched murder caused the death of a child. As he hides out in Bruges, Ray strikes up a romance with Chloë, a local drug dealer and thief.

Played By
Colin Farrell
Full Name