I think about you all the time. I think about you even when you're with me. I look at you, I can't stop looking at you. I look at you, and I think, "That woman... That woman knows who I am and loves me anyway."

Ray Koval: Then you seduce me, then you drug me and ransack my hotel room.
Claire Stenwick: I'm sorry.

Claire Stenwick: I found these in your closet.
Ray Koval: I swear to you I have no idea who they belong to.
Claire Stenwick: Well in that case I'll put them back on.
Ray Koval: You're gaming me?

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Ray Koval

Ray Koval Photo

Ray Koval used to work as an MI-6 agent. He isn't exactly retired, though, as the spy is teaming up with a former lover to make a lot of dough.

Played By
Clive Owen
Full Name
Ray Koval