[on the Winter Soldier] He's fast... strong... and has a metal arm.

Steve Rogers

You're wrong about me. I'm nice like that.

Nick Fury

The price of freedom is high... and it's a price I'm willing to pay! You told me not trust anyone and this is how it ends

Steve Rogers

This isn't the age of spies. This is not even the age of heroes. This is the age of miracles... and there's nothing more horrifying than a miracle.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

Sam Wilson: You're a lot heavier than you look.
Steve Rogers: I had a big breakfast.

Can anyone direct me to the Smithsonian? I'm looking for an old fossil...

Natasha Romanoff

[sees SHIELD operating] This isn't freedom. This is fear.

Steve Rogers

Don't look at me. I do what he does - just slower.

Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson: How do we tell the good guys from the bad guys?
Steve Rogers: If they're shooting at you, they're bad!

Captain, in Order to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down... And that makes enemies.

Alexander Pierce

You need to keep BOTH eyes open.

Nick Fury

Natasha Romanoff: You do anything fun Saturday night?
Steve Rogers: Well, all the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead. So no, not really.

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