Vesper Lynd: How was your lamb?
James Bond: Skewered. One sympathizes.

I'm afraid that your friend Mathis... is actually MY friend Mathis.

Le Chiffre

Vesper Lynd: You're not going to let me in there. You've got your armour back on.
James Bond: I have no armour left. You've stripped it from me. Whatever is left of me - whatever I am - I'm yours.

Dryden: How did he die?
James Bond: Your contact? Not well.
Dryden: Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry. The second is...
James Bond: [shoots Dryden] Yes... considerably.

Very sorry. That last hand... nearly killed me.

He's keen to get home.

Husband at Tube Station

M: Bond, I need you to come back.
James Bond: I never left.

Vesper Lynd: I'm the money.
James Bond: Every penny of it.

I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

Youth is not a guarantee of innovation.

Now the whole world will know that you died scratching my balls!

Gareth Mallory: Eleanor, be sensible. Retire with dignity...
M: Dignity! To Hell with dignity! I'll retire when my goddamn job is finally done.

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