[regarding James Bond] Everything he touches withers and dies.

Dominic Greene

Dominic Greene: My friends call me Dominic.
James Bond: I'm sure they do.

This man and I have some unfinished business.

Felix Leiter: You know who Greene is and you want to put us in bed with him.
Gregg Beam: Yeah, you're right. We should just deal with nice people.

M: It'd be a pretty cold bastard who didn't want revenge for the death of someone he loved.
James Bond: I don't think the dead care about vengeance.

Camille: Have you ever lost someone you loved?
James Bond: Yes.
Camille: Have you caught the one who took them from you?
James Bond: Not yet.
Camille: When you do, tell me how it feels...

[to Camille] Take a deep breath, you only got one shot, make it count.

[Speaks into the earpiece] This is the world's most precious resource, we need to control as much of it as we can.

Dominic Greene

Who the hell is this organisation Bond? How can they be everywhere and we know nothing about them!


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Shocking! Positively shocking!

You like a close shave, don't you?

Pussy Galore

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