There's no point living, if you can't feel alive.

Elektra King

You wanna put that in English for those of us who don't speak Spy?

Dr. Christmas Jones

Oh, grow up, double-O Seven!


James Bond: If you're Q, does that make him R?
R: Ah yes, the legendary 007 wit, or at least half of it.

Bull: Boss? You're alive! I'm so glad to see you! Zukovsky: Me to!

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[pointing to an alarm clock] Watch these hands, M. By noon tomorrow, your time's up. And I guarantee, I won't miss.


Welcome to my nuclear family.


I thought Christmas only came once a year.

One tires of being executed.


I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond.

Mr. Stamper

Wai-Lin: They're looking for us, James.
James Bond: Let's stay under cover.

Another Carver building. If I didn't know better, I'd say he developed an edifice complex.

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