Micah: You're screaming like that over a spider?
Katie: Well, yeah... did you go run and get the camera first?

Katie: You promised me you wouldn't get a fucking Ouija board!
Micah: No - I promised I wouldn't go *buy* Ouija board. I borrowed one.

I'm pretty sure what we did was illegal in 20 states. She's a Freak!


[while waiting on a very tardy psychic] You would he'd be able to predict that the traffic is going to be bad.


Did you hear that?


Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Young Katie and Randy (together)

Dennis: Something's going on.
Julie: What do you think it is?

It's a real life poltergeist. Kristi's like Carol Anne.


Julie: Who's Toby?
Young Kristi: He's my friend.
Julie: I don't see him.
Young Kristi: He's standing right next to you.

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