[to Laura] Why don't you be a girl and sunbathe or somethin?

Zane Forester

[to Jake] Hey ass wipe! Nice shirt!
[splashes Jake with his slurpee]


Andrew: [to crowd] When I say tit you say e's! Tit...
Crowd: E's!
Andrew: Tit...
Crowd: E's!

[to the DJ] Hit it DJ Chocolate Thunder!

Wet T-Shirt Host

[last words] Wet t-shirt... wet t-shirt!

Derrick Jones

Chew on this motherfuckers!

Deputy Fallon

Sam: Something bit me!
Paula: Oh yea? I thought you liked that kind of stuff!

Laura Forester: You talk funny.
Derrick Jones: Yea, well you're short!

Danni: Nice instrument.
Laura Forester: Thanks, nice boobs.
Danni: Thanks.
Laura Forester: I'm wear a training bra but its kind of itchy.
Danni: Tell me about it! Who are you waiting for?
Laura Forester: My brother Jake, he's seventeen, he will like your boobs too.
Danni: They all do.

[to Derrick] Okay Speedo!

Jake Forester

There are thousands of them and they are pissed!


This is the Lake Victoria police department. The sheriff has declared an emergency!

Deputy Fallon

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