Roman Pearce: This shit went from mission impossible, to mission of freakin' insanity!
Dominic: Just stick to the plan.

[on phone to Dominic Toretto while in Tokyo] Dominic Toretto. You don't know me, but you're about to.

Deckard Shaw

We're doin' last job and then we disappear.. forever.


Dominic Toretto: You thought this was gonna be a street fight?
Dominic Toretto: You're goddamn right it is.

If you gonna survive, stop thinkin' like a cop.


Ok listen up! The men we're after professional runners. We find them, we take them as a team and we bring em back. And above all else, we don't ever, ever, let them get into cars.

Luke Hobbs

You just earned yourself a dance with the devil, boy.


I'm back, bitches!


One last ride.

Dominic Toretto

This time it ain't just about being fast.

Dominic Toretto

[after landing on the road after jumping out of the plane] Touchdown, baby!


Letty: Would you believe I knocked him out with my charm?
Kara: You're not that charming, bitch.

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