I am the road warrior.

Max Rockatansky

Everybody has gone out their mind. You're not the only one Max.

Immortan Joe

Toast: What do you suppose he's gonna do?
Imperator Furiosa: Retaliate first.

We are not things. We are not things!

Miss Giddy

So I exist in this wasteland, hunted by scavengers.

Max Rockatansky

Here they come again.

Max Rockatansky

Max Rockatansky: Have you done this before?
Imperator Furiosa: Many times.

Max. My name is Max. That's my name.

Max Rockatansky


Imperator Furiosa
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They took my blood, they took my car. What else can they take from me?

Max Rockatansky

That's my jacket!

Max Rockatansky

Imperator Furiosa: You never gonna have a better chance.
Max Rockatansky: At what?
Imperator Furiosa: Redemption.

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