Data: I seem to be missing several memory engrams.
Data: There they are.

Of course. Vargas does not drink... does not smoke... does not make love. What do you do, Vargas?

Emilio Largo

Look, if I wanted Eddie Murphy, I would have gone to the movies!


Shirt Factory Supervisor: [to Chev] Hey, asshole! Asshole!
Eve: Don't talk to him like that! My boyfriend kills people like you!

Poor Frank. What'd she tell you? That we're smuggling people in containers. You know *Lai's* a great name for her.

Darren 'Wall Street' Bettencourt

Optimus Prime: A great threat is coming...
Cade Yeager: What if you had some human help?

I've had it up to my ass with sedate.


Shoot them. Shoot them both.


I need a vacation.

The Terminator

What the hell is that?


I've never seen garbage eat garbage before.

Clark Kent

It wasn't me! It's her!

Short Round

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