These saints put my father on his knees!

Concezio Yakavetta

[helping Domino into a life raft] Up.

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Let's face it. The 'Vette... gets 'em wet!


Good God...I'm on Mars.

John Carter

Bless your heart!

Professor Joe Butcher

Stay here, I'll be back.

The Terminator

Jenny Summers: Axel!
Victor Maitland: Careful, old boy. You might hit me.

A man can change his armor but not his heart.

Dejah Thoris

The hunt ends here!

Optimus Prime

Odessa: You married?
Slide: Say what?
Odessa: You married?
Slide: No, I ain't married. What's up?
Odessa: Just taking a poll.
Slide: Taking a poll?
Odessa: I'll take your poll...

Everybody remember where we parked.


Stanley Goodspeed: Anyway, I only got one chem round, there's two left... Mason?
John Mason: Yes, I'm here. I was just thinking how wonderful it was when the inmates weren't allowed to talk in here.

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