Matt Farrell: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
John McClane: I was out of bullets.

Matt Farrell: You okay?
John McClane: I'll let you know in a minute.

I can't talk to him, you talk to him.

Thomas Gabriel

Lucy McClane: Daddy?
John McClane: Lucy baby?
Lucy McClane: There's five of them now!

What is this guy, a hamster?

John McClane

Greg: What's your name?
Lucy McClane: Lucy McClane.
Greg: I thought your name was Lucy Gennero.
Lucy McClane: Today it's Lucy McClane.

Seriously, when was the last time you turned on the radio to listen to popular music? '70s, '80s?

Matt Farrell

Listening to this is like having a pine cone shoved up my ass!

Matt Farrell

Alright, thats enough of this Kung-Fu bullshit.

John McClane

The Warlock: Oh... so you're a fan of the Fett?
John McClane: No, I was always a fan of Star Wars...

Mai? Asian chick? Likes to kick people? Yeah, last time I saw her, she was at the bottom of an elevator shaft with an SUV up her ass.

John McClane

Damn hamster.

John McClane

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