Stay furry, my friends. Meow.

Puss in Boots

The Lorax: I'll go strait up your nose!
Ted: Wow, wow you wouldn't hit a woman?
The Lorax: That's a woman?

Ted: Whoa, this is amazing! What are those?
Audrey: Those are trees. They used to grow all around here.

Audrey: I could just kiss you right now.
Ted's Mom: We don't have time for that!
Ted: I don't know, we have a little time.

You have been warned!

The Lorax

Did you chop down this tree?

The Lorax

Wow! Look at that high definition face!

Fix-It Felix

I'm taking life one game at a time.

Wreck-It Ralph

What's that? Didn't hear ya. Your breath was so bad it made my ears numb!

Vanellope von Schweetz

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