I have always respected redheads as members of a hair color minority.


Elle: Ughhh. All day long I felt like white open-toed shoes after Labor Day.
Sid: I hate that feeling, whatever that means.

Your dogs are gay!

Dog Spa receptionist

Don't worry Bob I'll get her. And her little dog too.

Rep. Rudd

Elle I don't care where I marry just as long as I do. I do... I do... feels good.


Rep. Rudd: You can't get people to care.
Elle: Watch me.

Stanford Marks: You're the girl with the perfumed poo-poo bags, aren't you?
Elle: Actually I'm the woman with the scented waste receptacles, but yes.

Sid: Welcome, to the Wellington, ma'am.
Elle: It's a thrill to be here.

Legalize it

Deputy Clementine Johnson

Your watch is stuck in my pubes.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel

I became a police officer because my doctor told me I needed to get out of the house more.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel

Can't you just give me a pitty fuck?

Deputy Trudy Wiegel

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