Stop babbling, boy!

Teddy Roosevelt

Lynn Sheridan: [to David] Go away, asshole!
Billy: [laughs] Lynn said A hole with S's!

Customer at Quick Stop: Are you even supposed to be here today?
Dante Hicks: Don't get me started.

Dad, I think Crazy Carl is right.

Billy Madison

Steve's gotta go drain the sea-monster.

Steve the Pirate

It would be so cool if I could breast-feed.

Alan Garner

Where are all the white women at?

Gunman at Fair in Final Scene

He's gonna marry me.


Vladimir Wolodarsky: Steve, one of the interns just fell down the stairs with the main tracking processor.
Steve Zissou: All right, just make sure we steal the backup.

You think you're going to create a T-shirt company? You can't even dress yourself!


Do you have any ideas how many Air Jordans six black kids wear?

Sergio Roma

"I love how much you hate you."

Kelly [to Lou]

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