Fuck Facebook in the face!

Ira Wright

I can't believe George Simmons is dying. I grew up on his movies.


You're not funny. You look funny, but you're not funny.


These people are just excited about the savings.

Don Ready

Like Pearl Harbor... never again!

Don Ready

Satin lives.

James Brennan

Tommy Frigo: Don't get all drunk and fall asleep.
James Brennan: Why?
Tommy Frigo: 'cause i'll jack off on your face.

Hey, James... you still have anymore of those baby joints?

Mike Connell

Yeah, Frigo was my best friend. Then, I turned four.

James Brennan

Fuck this weed is good.


Fucking sadists. Fucking sadists!


James Brennan: [after being told that Herman Melville was such an overlooked nobody when he was alive that when he died, his obituary reported his name as Henry Melville] No, that's bullshit, seriously. Herman Melville wrote an 800 page novel that was a parable for the horrors of the whaling industry. He wasn't overlooked or left for dead - he was an impassioned man when he was alive! I hope that when I'm dead, I'm fortunate enough that someone calls me Henry.
Joel: Well one can only hope.

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