You have Christ between your thighs... only with a shorter beard.


Not at the table, Jose!

Alan Garner

[to Joel] Are you ready for me... Ralph?


That was my skull! I'm so wasted!

Jeff Spicoli

Harry Sanborn: I can't get past your damn turtleneck.
Erica Barry: Cut it off!

I Want To Tickle Your Belly Button... From The Inside.

Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger

There are two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers.


Gus Portokalos: [crying] Why you want to leave me?
Toula Portokalos: I'm not leaving you! Don't you want me to do something with my life?
Gus Portokalos: Yes! Get married, make babies! You look so... old!

I caught you a delicious bass.

Napoleon Dynamite

Osgood: You must be quite a girl.
Daphne: Wanna bet?

[to his parol officer] I broke down, I went and smoked with the kid that lives across the street from me.


I opened up to you, and you judged me.


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