Debbie Dunham: Is that tuck and roll?
Terry Fields: Yeah!
Debbie Dunham: That's bitchin' tuck and roll! You know, I really love the feel of tuck and roll upholstery.
Terry Fields: You do?
Debbie Dunham: Yeah.
Terry Fields: Yeah? Well, get in and I'll let you feel it... I mean, you know, you can touch it... uh... I'll let you feel the upholstery.
Debbie Dunham: Okay.

I'm alive!

Aaron Green

Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Does anybody have any ideas?
Deputy Trudy Wiegel: What about... a phone... you can smell through...

You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual?


What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now, at this moment?

Raoul Duke

God bless the Internet.


Say "what the fuck" ... If you can't say it, you can't do it.


Who the fuck does she think she is?

Jim McAllister

Mike Damone: Look at you: member of the honor roll, assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater. I'm tellin' ya, Rat, if this girl can't smell your qualifications, then who needs her, right?

Good lord. God protect that poor little stooge.

Oseary Drakoulias

Wow, If he's here, who's running hell?

Van Wilder

This concludes our broadcast day. Click.

Chip Douglas

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