I'm only interested in the simple things... like how much this is going to hurt!

Rocket Raccoon

HEY, HEY, HEY! That's mine! Hey, take those headphones off, right now!

Peter Quill

I come from Earth, a planet of outlaws. My name is Peter Quill. There's one other name you may know me by. Star-Lord.

Peter Quill

I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.

Peter Quill

You're a good looking girl. You should try to be more nice to people.

Peter Quill

Peter Quill: I think she likes me.
Rocket Raccoon: You got issues, Quill.

Drax the Destroyer: I like your knife, I'm keeping it.
Peter Quill: You're welcome.

We will not stand by as evil wipes out billions of innocent lives.

Peter Quill

Are you telling me that the fate of thirty million inhabitants is in the hands of these criminals?

Nova Prime Rael

This was my opportunity to get away from Thanos.


Peter Quill: I am Star Lord!
Korath the Pursuer: ...who?

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No one talks to my friends like that.

Drax the Destroyer

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