I forgot all about that thing. It was your dad's.

Ben Parker

Lucius Fox: So what is it today? More spelunking?
Bruce Wayne: No. Today it's BASE-jumping.
Lucius Fox: BASE-jumping. Is that like parachuting?
Bruce Wayne: Kind of. Do you have any light-weight fabrics?
Lucius Fox: You know... I think I got just the thing.

Huge IQ. Great performance in the marines, but ya gave up. Drugs, petty crime, never had a job.

Harry Hart

Catwoman: It's chilly in here.
The Penguin: I'll warm you.

Kitty Kowalski: Wow, that's really something Lex.
Lex Luthor: Wait for it.
Kitty Kowalski: [long pause] Wow, that's really something Lex. It's freakin' Gone with the Wind

Master Wayne, it's been a long time.

Alfred Pennyworth

You're the only man I ever loved.

Nancy Callahan

You people are so petty... and tiny.


I love this job!

The Joker

You've made me a very rich woman.

Ava Lord

[about The Vision] If he can wield the Hammer, he can keep the Stone.


Thor: [taking coffee for the first time] This drink... I like it! More!
[smashes the cup]
Darcy: You're going on Facebook!

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