You'd be smart to kill me now.


Death is just like life in Sin City. It always wins.

John Hartigan

Nancy Callahan: Looks like trouble.
Marv: Looks like Christmas.

You keep asking for it, and asking for it!


[takes a punch] Just another Saturday night...


[observes Ava] That right there is a dame to kill for...


Sin City's where you go in with your eyes open, or you don't come out at all.


Tonight's forecast... a freeze is coming!

Mr. Freeze

Sequel! Sequel!


Put the frog down!


Miss Piggy: Ich bin ein Berliner!
Dr. Teeth: More like 'I'm Frankfurter'!

Walter: There's only one guy in this world who can save us! There's only one frog who can restore order, bring justice, and set things right!
Fozzie Bear: You are talking about Kermit, right?

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