Capt. Ross: Who is this?
Kaffee: She's Joe Galloway. She's Downey's attorney. She's very pleased to meet you.

Probably burned truck loads of your stuff before. Can't remember to forget you.

Leonard Shelby

So this is what a courtroom looks like.


I have this condition.

Leonard Shelby

Beg my wife's forgiveness, before I blow your brains out.

Leonard Shelby

Dawson: Do you think we were right?
Kaffee: It doesn't matter...
Kaffee: I think you'd lose.
Dawson: You're such a coward, I can't believe they let you wear a uniform.

Remember Sammy Jankis.

Leonard Shelby

Leonard Shelby: There are things you know for sure.
Natalie: Such as?
Leonard Shelby: I know what that's going to sound like when I knock on it. I know that's what going to feel like when I pick it up. See? Certainties. It's the kind of memory that you take for granted.

Teddy: You're living.
Leonard Shelby: Only for revenge.

Someone has to pay, Lenny. Somebody always pays.


Galloway: I don't think you're fit to handle the defense.
Kaffee: You don't even *know* me. Ordinarily it takes someone *hours* to discover I'm not fit to handle a defense.

Galloway: Are you planning on doing any investigating, or are you just gonna take the guided tour?
Kaffee: I'm pacing myself.

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