Too many arrogant men who flatter you with their presence.


Now who's the poor bastard who has to die for my freedom?


Ariadne: He made you feel alive?
Cassia: He made me feel... safe.

Cassia: You could ride before you were a gladiator?
Milo: I could ride before I could walk.

Milo: This isn't a battle. This is a massacre.
Atticus: How do you know?
Milo: Because I was there.

Corvus: What exactly is that slave to you?
Cassia: Everything that you are not.

Milo: You trust them to keep their word?
Atticus: I trust the law.

You're brave, I'll give you that, but no savage can ever be a match for a Roman.


Cassia: If you ride, you have a chance at freedom.
Milo: But at what cost to you?

Senator, you have mistaken me for the kind of woman who drapes herself across your lap in Rome.


You are right, brother. Everything they promised - nothing but lies.


Is this the end of the world? Why would the gods let this happen?


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