[to Professor X] You should have killed me when you had the chance!


Christopher Gardner: You gotta trust me, all right?
Christopher: I trust you.

The exquisite art of the samurai sword? Don't make me laugh! You're so-called exquisite art is only fit for Japanese fatheads!

Pai Mei

Bonasera... Bonasera.

Don Corleone

'Cause being a nazi's just not cool anymore, baby.


You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!


All you need is love.


Kate Kavanagh: You have to admit that he’s ridiculously hot.
Anastasia Steele: If you’re attracted to that sort of human.
Kate Kavanagh: The hot type of human?

[to himself] "Ryan, some things in here don't react well to bullets." Yeah, like me. I don't react well to bullets.

Jack Ryan

Things at Hogwarts are far worse than I feared!

Dolores Umbridge

He wouldn't listen to me if he was going deaf tomorrow.

LaShawn Malone

A guy who came to Fight Club for the first time, his ass was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood.


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