Turn out the light!

Jim Stark

I know her. Like know her.


I don't feel the sickness yet, but it's in the post. That's for sure. I'm in the junkie limbo at the moment. Too ill to sleep. Too tired to stay awake, but the sickness is on its way. Sweat, chills, nausea. Pain and craving. A need like nothing else I've ever known will soon take hold of me. It's on its way.

Mark "Rent-boy" Renton

Dan: I hate that I'm hurting you.
Alice: Then why are you?

Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity.


[upon viewing the sacred tree for the first time] I should take some samples.

Dr. Grace Augustine

Everybody listen! We have to put a barrier between us and the snakes!

Neville Flynn

Very sorry. That last hand... nearly killed me.

James Bond

Ronnie, if I don't do this, THAT'S when I'm going to need a doctor.

Roy Neary

Burt Hadley: What's it like?
Leonard Shelby: It's like waking. Like you just woke up.
Burt Hadley: That must suck.

[to dead alligator] You're luggage!


Oh, you have caused me no end of trouble!

Mr. Hertz

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